Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surreal clouds at sunset

this is a real picture which has not been touched up or shopped. sunset tonight . I am certain that there is a UFO involved here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mountain Meets Skye Necklace included in the Artfire "For Men" collection

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A good nite !

A good nite is afoot. It has rained all day and before the sun is swallowed in the West it will pour it's gold upon us like lava spilling from the caldera.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

6% ... the continuing travels of "little feet"

Come on little feet , time for an adventure.... It's a dreary day but we are going to see what is in the Park today !

Logan Creek

A quick stop at the Logan Creek Drainage, a cozy cabin in the woods ( probably for the Rangers ) and the tops of the mountains hidden in the clouds today. What is striking in how much loose rock is in this creek bed. It makes you wonder what goes on at the height of spring melt.

1967 Forest Fire area near the Loop

Climbing higher your pass the stark reminder of the 1967 forest fire. Bare trees still reminding us how slowly this environment recovers . Up up we go passing magnificent waterfalls that crash to the valley below.

Going to the Sun Road

Finally reaching Logan Pass at 6646 feet . The snow has already visited today on the tallest peaks. Close to the visitor center is the Highline trail . Don't be fooled ! This is Bear Country ! All around are wonderful vistas , wildflowers and wildlife that is hardy and in my mind brave to live in such a challenging environment.

Snowy peaks at Logan Pass

Highline Trail

Sunlight playing on the new snow


Mountain Goat hiding

The wind is howling and I reluctantly turn my little feet in the direction of the trailhead as the clouds build. Good bye for now beautiful and wild alpine meadow.Good bye to the Mountain goat that thinks I can't see him . I wish you could smell the evergreens and watch the clouds swirl around the peaks 3000 feet above me. In the distance you hear the rhythmic chirp of the marmot calling to the rest of his clan. Back in the car heading down the 6 % grade the rock walls squeeze you on the right side and infinity leaps off the edge of the road on the left.

6% Grade

Once we descend from the mountain we are back in the valley where the lake shimmers in the late afternoon sun. Homeward bound after a day of reflection. Another little feet adventure comes to a close.

McDonald Lake

In Memory of Jill who left us too soon. "I hold your heart in my heart" for showing me the way to loving absolutely. You are my braveheart.

Budding Explorer's Gentian