Sunday, February 26, 2012

On the road to home.....

 The road home. Last night we had about a foot of snow . Who is counting?  Looking east to the Foothills we still see some dark grey clouds that shroud the baby mountains. This is of course in contrast to the mighty Rocky Mountains just east of here.
 Looking West an equine specimen is enjoying the sun. Finally after several days of clouds there is nothing but blue sky and sun.
 The road home.The last few hundred feet through the forest and snow.
As the sun rides the horizon a perfect picture of shadow and light. The Grand fir are flocked in white finery as the shadows deepen towards the hour of dusk. It is good to be home.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here kitty , kitty ...

So winter it seems has finally settled in . 6 inches of packed snow on the road and no plow in sight. Someone has gone before and kindly made tracks to follow. Yes people actually live on this road including myself. Besides the daily fun of driving there are the revealing tracks of night time visitors .
 Even with my handy copy of Scats and Tracks I am still not sure what has been in the driveway. It could be a mountain lion or a wolf. Both are abundant in the area . The claws are evident that leans toward a wolfe but the third toe leads for a  mountain lion. The track is the size of a baseball at least. My women's size 9 boot imprint is to the right of the track . So who is traveling the drive any way?
More tracks front or back I couldn't tell but along the same trail. This could be why I head to the garage in haste on my early mornings before the sun is up hmmmm.
Finally after a long day of grey and snow we are rewarded with a bit of sun before the sun disappears for the night. Although winter still lies deep there is the occassional hint that spring is around the corner. More bird calls and more faster melting between snow storms. More later.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Lakeside, Flathead Lake looking at the Foothills

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abracadabra !!

McDonald Lake West Shore
 Abracadabra is a word often associated with magic tricks. Looking back at the Aramaic origins you see that the derivative words come from the word "ibra" which means as "I have created". The rest of the word comes from the aramaic word "k'dibra" which translates "through my speech". This may give you pause to think what have I created with my words?
Nature etchings
 As we pass through this world consider the impact of your thoughts and of your words. We are not simply billard balls bouncing off one another. We have purpose. As you consider the power of the spoken word and the intent behind it remember your creative power. Cherish your creative power and use it for the good.
Looking towards the Continental Divide , Garden Wall in the distant center

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Little feet go snow shoeing

Snow shoeing along McDonald Creek today. Sunny and crisp while the valley 30 miles west was socked in with gray clouds. We were treated to a dazzling sunny display. Worth the walk and time to go down the road.
My daughter enjoying the ice sculpture in the creek.

Traveling up the road along the North Shore. About a foot of snow welcoming us!

Finally back to the car. Another fun Little Feet Adventure!


I was driving home last week when a couple of deer loped across the road and into the adjacent field. The world was  filled with sulky blue-gray, the fields were neutral with the sun toying with hints of golden. It is said by some that if animals stop and look you in the eye they are conveying a message or energy to you . These two deer reached the safety of the field , turned and stood for some time . Of course there is not much traffic here therefore we had a moment. It feels like their message was to see life as simple. Tease it apart and enjoy the sun, the wind and the moment. Eventually this pair jogged off towards the mountains as I eased towards the general direction of home.