Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Textures: Tactile adventures for the eyes in the big empty

North Eastern WY


The Swan

Waterfowl production area 

Hissing reeds 

Souther Swan Lake Marsh area 

Northern  Swan Lake 

Northern Swan Lake looking to the south to the waterfowl areas 

A quick journey to Wyoming. Twelve hours of driving from North West Montana to North East Wyoming. A drive through the Big Empty. I like to drive the "back way" . Of course most people would find I 90 to be the back way compared to many highways in the US . However there is a more quiet byway from my cozy cabin to Billings. North East WY is quite the place to contemplate life. Just you and the antelope and the empty highway. No signs other than the blizzard gates that warn to go back to the last exit if closed. Lucky for me it has been warm and no blizzard in site although they had 5 inches of snow a week before .

Coming home through the Swan , I stop at the waterfowl production area . You have to imagine the wind blowing through a millions wetland reeds. A soft 'hissing ' sound in addition to the sound of the wind. The south end of the lake is a vast wetland . For some reason these environments fascinate me. It is the domain of the water bird. Humans can not walk through these areas. The ducks and geese are protected by the marshes. The colors are vivid even in the subdued light of early evening. I am grateful for a safe journey and being so close to home. The day has been full of textures for the eyes , beauty beyond description in the big empty.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last day of summer: Happy in Montana

St Mary's Lake 
Last Day of summer I wax philosophical. Should I continue to work on the fencing ? or perhaps drive the Going to the Sun Road before it closes for the winter ? Well not too hard of a choice in the end. A perfectly warm and sunny day in the 70s that belies the harsh winter weather that will settle into the Crown of the Continent in a few weeks. For now the trees are golden , the water is clear, and the sun is warm on my face.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Savoring the Summer's End : Happy in Montana

Snow berries 

Wayfarer's Park

Some pretty nice water 

Saucey girl at the ready

The last blue berries 

dried up False solomon's seal and the single berry

Apple picking time . 

A savory end to summer . Bright blue sky and water , Happy dogs, and time to harvest the Apples . Doesn't get much better .

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beyond puppy love : Happy in Montana

Friend Sadie

come on mom !

On the Way Home 

Fading days of the Butterfly 

There is nothing like some time in the woods. MacGuyver had a nice walk with his new friend Sadie . Sadie being a lab loves the water and wanted to share this love with Mac. However MacGuyver seems to have missed the water gene for now . He did enjoy watching Sadie race through the shallow lake and get muddy. Since I needed to load him in the car later I didn't mind too much that he didn't plunge into the mud . This is the  best place in the world to leave your cares as you tread lightly on the soft forest floor .