Sunday, August 8, 2010

The journey nears the end ....

Gorgeous wide valleys and winding rivers

July 22nd broke sunny and warm . No sign of the thrashing winds and rain from the night before. We said good bye to my daughter and headed up I 90 West. The fields were green and the roadside views of the Mountains beautiful . We were still mindful of our safety and speed. There was a work zone past the Bozeman exits in a canyon area so we had to go slow through this winding stretch.

Craggy rocks on the East side of the Continental Divide

Hours later we were at the Continental divide as it descended into Butte. I can only marvel at the driving skills of oldest son for making it up and down the grades with a heavy truck.

We zipped through Missoula and veered north on the last leg of our travels past the majestic Mission Mountains.

We headed into the Flathead valley and wound our way into the foothills. We were treated to deer and peaceful shallow lakes surrounded by pristine marsh lands.

Across the strip of road separating the lake from the marsh.

Finally rolling up the last few miles minutes before a thunderstorm. Thankful to be at our destination safely.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I digress ...

Waxing Nearly full moon in my new neighborhood. Is it really a neighborhood if cougar and bear live there too?

I digress. I hope you don't get the impression that all of a sudden I decided to move West. Rather this had been in the works ( on the back burner at least) for 12 years. Recently all the signs from the heavens showed that it was time to go. So I did a scouting mission last October. A trip on the Empire Builder with Amtrak and my mom. It went well for making connections ( I met my guardian angels Melissa and Nancy ) , fact finding and I was deleted from the will for being bossy by my mother. Then came months of continuing education and endless forms to get professional licenses in another state. Finally interviews started at the end of April and 15 planes later I was finally blessed with a job that suited my skills and was in the location I had been dreaming of . I would like to think the whole process was spur of the moment and I just loaded the dogs into the car. Hardly spontaneous but at least now a reality. So my first weekend with the moon rising in the East I had to be grateful for the many steps that had gone right in the process of bringing my life long dream to fruition.

A beautiful sunset from the window of the regional jet. High over the Chicago area we are treated to a gorgeous sunset as we ponder the small amount of airplane between the inside and the 40,000 feet to the ground outside. You guessed it . I am not that good at flying.

Monday, August 2, 2010

On the road West ....

Lucy, Saucy and Gus

Tuesday night had us stranded at Exit 172 in the middle of nowhere South Dakota. Very well. The sunset was spectacular. The grasshoppers numerous. I finally went on to Rapid City to settle the 3 dogs and 3 cats for the night. I could only hope the nice man on the end of the phone would be able to fix the truck. At 2 AM I think my sons appeared tired but none the worse for the wear. A few hours of precious sleep.

Wednesday we planned to drive to South East MT to see my daughter. on the way we stopped in Sundance Wy where the boy's grandfather had pastored a small rural church. Connections.

Church of the GoodShepard

The boys! Nathaniel and Jason

The Bighorn Mountains in Wy

Kat and Marley

Wednesday afternoon we arrived to visit with my daughter and have a few hours of fitfull sleep. Yet another series of storms was sweeping down on Southeastern MT that night.The next day was sunny as we made our way down I90.......the Journey continues.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It has been a long time ..

Pardon the abscence . I was turning my life upside down. I have now landed and getting my equilibrium back. July 18th I hopped in a 24 ft Uhaul and started driving West. North Carolina waved good bye with storms and plenty of waterfalling along I40. Good Bye beautiful Appalachian Water Spirit. I will miss you!

On through Tennessee and Illinois and the endless green fields of corn and soybeans. From the road the crops look good this summer.

As evening drew to a close the storms kicked up and the lightning chased us to Iowa.

The next day we drove thru Iowa and South Dakota. Sunny Skies and the Uhaul bounced along without incident . About 100 miles from Rapid City we lost the tread from one of the back truck tires. The sun was setting .....more later as we travel West.