Sunday, August 1, 2010

It has been a long time ..

Pardon the abscence . I was turning my life upside down. I have now landed and getting my equilibrium back. July 18th I hopped in a 24 ft Uhaul and started driving West. North Carolina waved good bye with storms and plenty of waterfalling along I40. Good Bye beautiful Appalachian Water Spirit. I will miss you!

On through Tennessee and Illinois and the endless green fields of corn and soybeans. From the road the crops look good this summer.

As evening drew to a close the storms kicked up and the lightning chased us to Iowa.

The next day we drove thru Iowa and South Dakota. Sunny Skies and the Uhaul bounced along without incident . About 100 miles from Rapid City we lost the tread from one of the back truck tires. The sun was setting .....more later as we travel West.


  1. an incredible journey - and one i love to read about not just because it was a vacation, but a life transition... new beginnings, new world!

  2. Changes are exciting, I'm anticipating your next installment of your westward journey . Your photos are beautiful, I can not get over the splendor of that amazing sunset.


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