Sunday, August 8, 2010

The journey nears the end ....

Gorgeous wide valleys and winding rivers

July 22nd broke sunny and warm . No sign of the thrashing winds and rain from the night before. We said good bye to my daughter and headed up I 90 West. The fields were green and the roadside views of the Mountains beautiful . We were still mindful of our safety and speed. There was a work zone past the Bozeman exits in a canyon area so we had to go slow through this winding stretch.

Craggy rocks on the East side of the Continental Divide

Hours later we were at the Continental divide as it descended into Butte. I can only marvel at the driving skills of oldest son for making it up and down the grades with a heavy truck.

We zipped through Missoula and veered north on the last leg of our travels past the majestic Mission Mountains.

We headed into the Flathead valley and wound our way into the foothills. We were treated to deer and peaceful shallow lakes surrounded by pristine marsh lands.

Across the strip of road separating the lake from the marsh.

Finally rolling up the last few miles minutes before a thunderstorm. Thankful to be at our destination safely.


  1. It is some very impressive terrain. Jagged mountain peaks and a land that reminds one how truly rugged it is and yet terribly beautiful at the same time. Hard to imagine people crossing that land in the days of covered wagons...especially in the winter when all is blanketed in snow.
    Love the photos and your narrative about your journey.

  2. When I saw your photos this morning, my heart stopped because you are in one of my favorite places in the world. There is something about the scenery that speaks to my soul and if I could ever choose another place to live, it would be there. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

  3. Awww- Mountain Goat Hiding! Love that one- gorgeous photos Laura! :):):)


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