Sunday, April 21, 2013

Coming Home

 Traveling West into the sunset so to speak after a trip back East . Eastern Montana slips into the gold of the horizon. Perhaps you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city but this is my space, my peace where the imagination roams free as does the deer, fox and fowl.
 Marias Pass and the Continental Divide. The sun has kissed the Divide and back lights it as dusk deepens. Marias Pass is on the Southern border of Glacier National Park. Closer to home the evening sun turns to Alpine glow for few brief minutes.
 The elk herd has made it's way towards the Foothills. As the snow melts they will ascend the mountain for the summer to graze and rest amongst the protection of the trees.
 With spring comes the greening of the pastures. Tasty spring grasses to nourish the winter hungry elk.
 Although we are moving towards late April we are still having snow now and then , like today. A gentle snow swirling in circular patterns to the ground . No fierceness in this weather .No window rattling wind. Just lazy frozen flakes reminding us that winter has not had it's last say.
 The low hanging clouds shroud the tops of the Foothills today. Hiding their peaks huddled under yet many feet of snow. We are lucky that the snow pack is about average. Water for spring and summer when the skies wax blue and dry. Glad to be home to the wide open spaces.