Monday, July 25, 2011


Mom and Bambi
One of the nice things about being in the country is the wild life. This little guy has tripled in size in the last couple of months. His mom keeps him close as he skitters about and leaps into the air for no apparent reason. It is nice to see them out at dawn and dusk . I know there are those who smack their lips when they see these graceful creatures. I have a hard time thinking of eating them. I think I will stick to beans for now .

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Silent Saturday

the moon a few days ago approaching full

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The visitation

Dramatic evening sky
 The night before the visitation. So you think I am going to discuss aliens? Sorry more likely it is my daughter. She has taken off time to come for the weekend and we are going to have some adventures .
 A quick walk around the yard , watering and weeding and hoping the deer ignore the pretty flowers. So my daughter has agreed to be the little gnome that you place in all your pictures. She is more fun as she can scurry on her own steam where as the real gnome would have to be carried. Below the gorge at Avalanche Creek.

sitting a little too close to the edge
 We did a bit of hiking in the low country enjoying the water and shade. Hot day out but the sun was worth it. Then into the car and up the Going to the Sun Road. These triple arches always fascinate me . The stone work is meticulous and of course we always pray that the road stays where it was intended. Much of the road clings to the edge with a wish and prayer. The engineering that went into this venture is truly marvelous.
Triple arches

Looking West
 As we climb towards 6000 feet the higher peaks are still covered in last winter's snow pack.
We started the day with plenty of sun but now the clouds are moving in with thunderstorms to the north.
 One of the things that the gnome I mean er my daughter wanted to see were the mountain goats. Well we were in luck with goats pretty much everywhere. A big horn sheep crashed through the parking lot at the visitor center at Logan Pass . That was pretty fun to watch. Luckily no one collided with the sheep.
 Up behind the visitor's center at Logan Pass the snow is still in abundance . Here the gnome is inappropriately dressed posing as a tourist.
More Mountain goats
 The Goats are shedding and look a bit scruffy this time of year . But one of my favorites is the Pika below. A nice furry smaller animal that is almost always cute when you see them in the high mountain meadows.
A pika in the fore ground near the tree roots . He blends in well with his surroundings

8 PM and time to head down the mountain and find some dinner. My little Gnome is hungry. I am grateful for this time and the beautiful scenery. The feast that Nature dishes up for us is always awe inspiring .

Friday, July 8, 2011

After life beauty

After life we have have beauty. A beauty of symmetry hidden during the prime of life as this tree reached for the heavens. We ,like trees, have intricate roots that ground us as we live life. What invisible principles ground you ? What hidden symmetry anchors you as you face obstacles in life?  Where do your roots seek nourishment? Are they deep and seeking the hidden moisture of ancient rocks ? Or superficial ,going with the whim of the present.  Hoping against all odds for an ever optimistic view of life .

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Water World....

Everywhere you look you see the work of water, from the lush under story of the forest to the serene lakes

 McDonald Lake is full to the top but as serene as usual reflecting the blues of a perfect sky.
 Traveling up the Going to the Sun Road is a nice pull off with a pounding waterfall. It is Amazing how much volume is traveling down this creek today , you don't want to fall in.
 Crossing the creek  the harlequins are no where to be seen. A few weeks ago a really sweet pair was cruising the banks.
 Hug a tree! The western cedars are plentiful and gorgeous to behold . Below is the top of the tree.
 A beautiful giant along the Trail of the cedars.
 Avalanche Creek cuts through the bedrock forming a deep gorge. Just ahead the Avalanche Lake Trail beckons.
 Inviting waters, but a sure and quick end if you were to slip in . click to enlarge as the bubbles are fabulous!
 Lush green forest
 Bear Grass thank goodness without the bear.
 At the blow down a new view of the waterfalls dripping down the mountain face.
 A lot of trees came down at some point. we had several nights last winter that rattled the windows down in the valley . I would think at this elevation the wind could be quite fierce.
 Sweet yellow buttercups!
 Little feet enjoying the refreshing cold waters !
Good by to the Park ! Another great day of sun and water.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flooding .... gently

 More Little Feet adventures! Today it was wet Feet. The Echo Lake Causeway disappeared this week as more snow melted in the Foothill Mountains. Beautiful reflections as the lake eased its way higher.
 The lake has an amazing way of capturing the clouds. No wind today so the surface was like glass.
 Walking around the lake it was hard to ignore the squawking of a young Osprey. At least that is my guess as they had white underbellies.
 One of the bridges over the Flathead River as it makes it's way to the Lake. Apparently the bow of the steamship Helena is sunk here. We will have to look in drier times
 At one point there was a brisk steamboat business on the Lake . This is the remains of the propeller and other parts of the steamship as well as the wheel house below.

 It is hard to resist one more shot of the beautiful Arnica during a short hike in Jewel basin. Little Feet covered a lot of territory this afternoon!
Last stop before arriving home to admire a field of brilliant orange flowers. Another Little Feet adventure comes to a close ! Happy Fourth of July to All !