Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The visitation

Dramatic evening sky
 The night before the visitation. So you think I am going to discuss aliens? Sorry more likely it is my daughter. She has taken off time to come for the weekend and we are going to have some adventures .
 A quick walk around the yard , watering and weeding and hoping the deer ignore the pretty flowers. So my daughter has agreed to be the little gnome that you place in all your pictures. She is more fun as she can scurry on her own steam where as the real gnome would have to be carried. Below the gorge at Avalanche Creek.

sitting a little too close to the edge
 We did a bit of hiking in the low country enjoying the water and shade. Hot day out but the sun was worth it. Then into the car and up the Going to the Sun Road. These triple arches always fascinate me . The stone work is meticulous and of course we always pray that the road stays where it was intended. Much of the road clings to the edge with a wish and prayer. The engineering that went into this venture is truly marvelous.
Triple arches

Looking West
 As we climb towards 6000 feet the higher peaks are still covered in last winter's snow pack.
We started the day with plenty of sun but now the clouds are moving in with thunderstorms to the north.
 One of the things that the gnome I mean er my daughter wanted to see were the mountain goats. Well we were in luck with goats pretty much everywhere. A big horn sheep crashed through the parking lot at the visitor center at Logan Pass . That was pretty fun to watch. Luckily no one collided with the sheep.
 Up behind the visitor's center at Logan Pass the snow is still in abundance . Here the gnome is inappropriately dressed posing as a tourist.
More Mountain goats
 The Goats are shedding and look a bit scruffy this time of year . But one of my favorites is the Pika below. A nice furry smaller animal that is almost always cute when you see them in the high mountain meadows.
A pika in the fore ground near the tree roots . He blends in well with his surroundings

8 PM and time to head down the mountain and find some dinner. My little Gnome is hungry. I am grateful for this time and the beautiful scenery. The feast that Nature dishes up for us is always awe inspiring .


  1. Awe inspiring...definitly that and much more!!!
    I absolutely love the first photo...it would make a wonderful card or picture for the wall! Having said that all your photos are amazing...your little gnome daughter looks as though she is having a wonderful time. Especially with such a knowledgeable guide such as yourself.

    The triple arches are definitly fascinating...imagine the work involved in construction of those arches???

    Enjoy your time with the gnome, I mean your daughter!

  2. Thanks Heather! always glad when you drop by ; )

  3. stunning, absolutely all of it - especially your gnome! i am in awe of so much of what you showed... those arches are so interesting and puzzling - they seem like something you would see in europe... and here they are in your mountains... thank you so much -

  4. Ms Dodd thank you for coming by! I just had to get up to the high country. It had been since September as the snow came early and stayed late. Yes my daughter offered to be the gnome for the trip ; )


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