Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flooding .... gently

 More Little Feet adventures! Today it was wet Feet. The Echo Lake Causeway disappeared this week as more snow melted in the Foothill Mountains. Beautiful reflections as the lake eased its way higher.
 The lake has an amazing way of capturing the clouds. No wind today so the surface was like glass.
 Walking around the lake it was hard to ignore the squawking of a young Osprey. At least that is my guess as they had white underbellies.
 One of the bridges over the Flathead River as it makes it's way to the Lake. Apparently the bow of the steamship Helena is sunk here. We will have to look in drier times
 At one point there was a brisk steamboat business on the Lake . This is the remains of the propeller and other parts of the steamship as well as the wheel house below.

 It is hard to resist one more shot of the beautiful Arnica during a short hike in Jewel basin. Little Feet covered a lot of territory this afternoon!
Last stop before arriving home to admire a field of brilliant orange flowers. Another Little Feet adventure comes to a close ! Happy Fourth of July to All !

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  1. Beautiful reflection...I hope the flooding continues to be gentle! I enjoy the journeys of Little they allow me to see places/things I would otherwise not have the pleasure of seeing!

    Happy Fourth of July to you!


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