Friday, July 24, 2009

Healing vibrations

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to a certain color or stone? Sometimes we select jewelry for a special outfit or for our birth stone. Sometimes a certain color combination catches our eye. However did you know that each stone resonates with it's own energy? No matter how many times we see a well faceted stone , they never fail to attract . The energies contained within the crystalline structures are universal energies. It is important to interact with the mineral kingdom with appreciation of their ability to enhance personal self healing. They act as a catalyst and help with integrating the mind , body and spirit in a more perfect health and wholeness. What stones attracts you ? A comprehensive guide to healing with minerals and crystals is "Love is in the Earth" by Melody. It is a wonderful reference for anyone with a more interest in the properties of the mineral kingdom.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Great day to show off a widget, Maybe to all you techies this is not a big deal but I love copy and paste and voila you have put pics on you blog. We are able to widget our shop now, how great is that ? Maybe you are new to . This is a great online selling site that is organized into different markets ( like Ecofriendly, Mind Body Spirit , or Peace and Love ) If you have a minute stop in , you will find soap to prints, knits to hand crafted jewelry pieces. It is a great place to browse , maybe find a treasure.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I couldn't help but notice my stand of sunflowers were all facing East. It is fairly easy to see they prefer the rising sun to help them orient their brief passage in my front yard. The sun is their compass in life, what do we use to guide our journey? Where do we look for direction? For many people ideas are dished up and you are simply expected to adopt what is on the table. That was pretty much the drill till the 60s. The advent of TV and widespread coverage ( visual) of events allowed new ideas to permeate our consciousness. The tsunami gained strength as technology has put laptops , cell phones and wireless connections everywhere. We are in the midst of having nonstop ideas pelt us from every angle . Are we considering these ideas with our critical thinking skills? Are we testing them with heart? Do the values you adopt through life bring more joy and peace to the world ? Do your choices make your heart sing with happiness ? Or are you sleep walking through life? More than ever it is so important to clarify where your draw your direction and inspiration that guides your actions from day to day. My sunflowers have it easy , they look to the East , the beautiful pink glow that graces the fresh morning sky. Take a moment to consider your source, your compass.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to create health

Today buying food and feeding yourself and your family is a maze of chemicals. Eating for the average American family is completely different from 30 years ago. Instead of food grown locally with organic methods and prepared in the home ,we now feed ourselves and our families a smorgasbord of chemicals. This is all in the name of profit, using flavor enhancing chemicals that are excitotoxins and cause diabetes, dementia and parkinson's disease. These chemicals also increase cancer growth. One of the champions of whole organic foods is Dr. Max Gerson. A wonderful link to a video about his work , The Beautiful Truth, was created by Garrett, a 15 year old Alaskan youth, who was home schooled.,the-beautiful-truth.html

Another look into how the world eats and the differences in varying cultures is Peter Menzel's book Hungry Planet
This is your challenge today , if you only have time for one thing, start looking into eating more simply, ingredient lists should only have the product and water. If you see more than 3 or 4 ingredients ( ie beans , water, salt ) you are probably eating things you really don't want in your body and the bodies of your precious family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My yard is growing . It is alive with birds and beautiful plants that know what they know from the deepest helix of their DNA. I have been watching . This year I am growing and collecting seed from heirloom plants. Life is better with diversity . The population is healthier. Most people don't realize that 5 companies control over 90% of our seeds. So I am doing what many centuries of humans have done , harvesting my seed for the coming year. The spinach has seeded, the lettuce is bolting . The radishes are blooming. The tomatoes are starting to turn. The cycle of life . My fingers are purple from daring to pick the blackberries . What is alive in your space?

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today is the day to recall we are free, particularly as a female it is a wonderful privilege . In the US women can vote, own property , drive, inherit property, attend school and work in a carreer of your choice . So many places in the world women do not have that freedom, so particularly I am grateful that I can be an individual with freedom of choice in many respects. I hope over time women and men all over the world will realise freedoms that are inherent to a good quality of life. Today we thank all of those who have kept our freedom safe.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Today I am thankful for guardian angels, 24 hours ago they were working overtime . A teen decided the speed limit should be 20 miles faster than the posted 45 mph and lost control of her car, and I was in the crosshairs. Thank you guardians because today I can still walk , I can still use my hands and my head, my car is sad but I will fix it. And yes the teen missile lived and hopefully has a new appreciation for speed.
I am grateful my kids still have a mom, that my mother doesn't have to bury a child, and my dogs don't have to wonder why I am not hiking with them. And of course the cute grandbaby still has her Honey.
picture: Number one son Jason and baby Ana