Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy in Montana: End of summer welcoming Fall

Ninepipes Resevoir 
 Saturday brought me to the Mission Valley for a time. Last day of summer . The wetlands are at low water . We are north of the National Bison Range a particularly dry area . The Ninepipes wetlands have been restored to be a wild fowl sanctuary for ducks and geese making their way north and south. The silence is immaculate with an occassional punctuation of bird call.
Mission Mountains
 The Mission Mountains rival the beauty found in Glacier. McDonald Peak stands at 9820 feet. This last week had some temperature drops and the tops of the range is now with snow.
Mission Mountains from the Ninepipes Resevoir 
 The Mission Valley lies within two ranges with the lush Mission Mountains rising on the East and a drier ranger to the West . Ninepipes is a 2062 acre refuge located on Tribal Trust lands of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. The area is managed by Fish and wild life services under an agreement with the BIA.
Dried flower art with wetland background

End of summer ripeness

Seeds for the wind
 The Ninepipes area is expansive . It is a place to lose yourself and thus to find yourself . A nice side jaunt on the last day of Summer .
Change of seasons and a time for reflection

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy in Montana: Another Little Feet Adventure in the Clouds

Spermophilus columbianus
We are not alone. All over the alpine meadow the little Columbian ground squirrels chirp back and forth to their friends. In the heavy mist you can hear them calling to each other .
Heaven's Peak
 On the way to Logan's Pass the clouds thicken and collect around Heaven's Peak. This is one of my favorite peaks as the rock strata has a swirl to it.
Hidden Lake Trailhead
 Trail head to Hidden Lake. Today with the clouds hanging low the lake is truly hidden.
Going to the Sun Road
 Last ascent to Logan's Pass. Above the Going to the Sun Road you can see the High Line trail clinging to the edge of the mountain. The mountains are beautiful but you have to watch your step as the trails are also hazardous. 3 lives lost this season in 2013, two to missteps one alledgedly from a spousal push. Always be mindful about where you put your little feet.
Last Curve before the Continental divide
 Final curve before Logan's Pass. A nice water fall greets us .
Going to the Sun Road below the High Line trail
 Across from the High Line Trail the clouds shroud the high mountains.
McDonald Lake looking East to the Continental divide
 Back down in the valley floor ,warm waters lap the shore of McDonald Lake . Late summer brings a golden moment before the snow flies.One more opportunity to soak in the vibes of the beautiful water spirit.
 Another satisfying Little Feet adventure. Truly we are happy in Montana.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Silent Monday: Cool and clear

End of summer heat and the creek is still cool and clear