Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flags for Peace Project

A good friend has a nice blog up with many creative ways of looking at Peace for this Earth. Peace Day is in the month of September . There are many gentle reminders of this idea to be found on the blog. Just click on the link above.

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Jewel

 Sunday broke cool but not clear. We have had a lot of smoke in the valley from the Washington wild fires. No rain for most of August and September has made it impossible for the firefighters to get ahead of the fires west of us. We had thought about heading to Glacier but decided to hike close in Jewel Basin. On the way down the road my daughter spotted a medium sized black bear hustling across the road. We drove the six miles up to Camp Misery and the trail head. Dusty narrow climbing to over 5000 feet . The air in the basin was not as smoky as the valley but we lacked the usual blue sky.
 Traveling up the trail a nice spring fed creek slips out from under massive rocks. I was glad to see some water sources for the wild animals. ( even the griz) there are several tagged griz here in Jewel Basin. We had headed up another trail for a few hundred feet however there was an overwhelming smell of very wet dirty bear. We decided to take another trail in the opposite direction.
 We were treated to some fall colour and massive rocks as the trail wound its way up the mountain.
 the trail cut through dense forest and underbrush ( perfect for hiding bears)
 The evergreens were happy and perfectly shaped. Their needles were soft and fragant. It was nice to say hi to them as we headed for the bald in the picture below. It had experienced a fire many years ago and was bare on the South side facing the smoky valley below.

 Looking down into the basin is the parking lot and Camp Misery. What a name. It looked pretty inviting to me. Below the trail running up the bald. Dead trees standing in quiet in the smoky afternoon warmth.
Climbing the summit
 A map of the Jewel Basin area and Camp Misery. Lots of opportunity to see some beautiful country.
Jewel Basin Map

 A good afternoon and a good ending to another "little feet " adventure .

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Geese on the Move, Fall is here

Early morning flight , geese on the move
For the last few mornings as the sun peaks over the foothills to the East, hundreds of geese have taken to the sky. It is awe inspiring to see flock after flock launch and head South. They hear the beat . They understand the timing. No iphones, no internet. These guys and gals are tuned into the Innernet and feel the force of life in every cell of their feathered bodies. What a sight . Welcome Fall and we look forward to your speedy return next Spring. .

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Silent Sunday .....

Avalanche Gorge photo by John Hunter Speier

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No Pictures

I want you to share my mind's eye . Just for one blog post no pictures. It is Tuesday and sunny 60 degrees and windy but not too much. Golden fields at harvest time in the broad valley. Mountains rising 3000 to 4000 feet above the valley reaching for the blue skies and scattered puffy clouds. A rural highway running through a rural farming community . A small crossroads  in this small farming community of Creston. On one of the four corners of the crossroads is a volunteer fire station. An older building but what is striking are the two firemen in full gear standing silently holding an American Flag. There is a neatly placed stack of empty gear between them. They stand at attention , motionless, the definition of dignity. They stand in salute of their fallen brothers in New York. A tragedy so far away from this rural farm community 3000 miles west . They honor the lost and their last deeds of courage.

On this day we remember and honor  those lost on  September 11th , 2001. We thank all emergency responders for their service past and present .We pray for those family members that carry on after the ultimate loss.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


End of August goodness. On the way home I came across a herd of about 20 young deer. Many still having their sweet spots from baby times. A nice evening to socialize as the temperatures are balmy and the sun is gentle . A moment of ease before the winter sets in .