Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No Pictures

I want you to share my mind's eye . Just for one blog post no pictures. It is Tuesday and sunny 60 degrees and windy but not too much. Golden fields at harvest time in the broad valley. Mountains rising 3000 to 4000 feet above the valley reaching for the blue skies and scattered puffy clouds. A rural highway running through a rural farming community . A small crossroads  in this small farming community of Creston. On one of the four corners of the crossroads is a volunteer fire station. An older building but what is striking are the two firemen in full gear standing silently holding an American Flag. There is a neatly placed stack of empty gear between them. They stand at attention , motionless, the definition of dignity. They stand in salute of their fallen brothers in New York. A tragedy so far away from this rural farm community 3000 miles west . They honor the lost and their last deeds of courage.

On this day we remember and honor  those lost on  September 11th , 2001. We thank all emergency responders for their service past and present .We pray for those family members that carry on after the ultimate loss.

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  1. Your words speak volumes...photos aren't necessary to see the full picture!!! Stunning as usual!

    Well said...


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