Saturday, September 22, 2012

Geese on the Move, Fall is here

Early morning flight , geese on the move
For the last few mornings as the sun peaks over the foothills to the East, hundreds of geese have taken to the sky. It is awe inspiring to see flock after flock launch and head South. They hear the beat . They understand the timing. No iphones, no internet. These guys and gals are tuned into the Innernet and feel the force of life in every cell of their feathered bodies. What a sight . Welcome Fall and we look forward to your speedy return next Spring. .


  1. it is amazing, isn't it? that inner knowing? the innernet (i love that!)... i have been hearing them in the late afternoon, passing over in v-formation... that sound is so exhilarating to me - how it signals the change, the coming of my favorite season...
    and since when did i get so old that i have that reluctance for it to begin, because that means that it will soon be over... that i appreciate the anticipation of it so very much...
    wishing you a beautiful weekend filled with nature's signs of the show that is nearing -

  2. It truly sends shivers up my spine! watching waiting .....


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