Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy in Montana: summer days

the most coveted Marley
Summer days slowly winding down. Warm days and cool nights. Good swimming weather if you are a lucky dog. The North end of the lake is busy with boats and paddle boarders. Lots of families enjoying the nice warm waters. 
North End of Flathead Lake
 A sheltered cove where the Swan River enters the lake , the foothills are in the background behind Bigfork.
 Back at home the babies are growing quickly but still have their spots.
one of the twin fawns

Twins  snacking

Mother deer
 Mother deer watching for threats to her twins. She is ever vigilant.
proud bucks
A couple of bucks munching their way through the forest. They still have their fuzzy antlers and I have to say each time I see them I tell them to be careful . Hunting season is just around the corner.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy in Montana:Thinking about water

Hungry Horse Resevoir courtesy of JohnHunterDesigns
I have a day off so I have time to wax philosophical. I was thinking about water. Without it we are history in about 3 miserable days . There have been wars over the control of water and probably will be in the future. Above is Hungry Horse Resevoir. How much water ? dunno , but a  lot. I could google it but the Dam below is 500 feet high. Now the funny story about this picture is my son and daughter in law were visiting so they walked across and took pictures. Unfortunately in this post 911 Era that is not allowed. If you were bad you could think of ways of playing havack with the Dam after going home and viewing the pics. Myself I am just dizzy looking at the picture. So any way I didn't see the sign saying " no cameras" until they were halfway across on foot and I was bringing up the rear with the car. My concern was to avoid fainting as I drove across. Those who know me well know my problem with vertigo. This was some aversion therapy. There is also a sign advising against sitting on the top of the wall. Why would anyone want to do that in the first place ?
Hungry Horse Dam courtesy of JohnHunterDesigns

So what is the big plan for water ? Do we just take it for granted until we have no more clean water. In America the Beautiful we have abundant clean water or have had historically. Now there are several cities ( mostly in TX and NM ) that have their city water supplies at risk. Much of the South West and Southern California exists on the good will of the Colorado River's generosity. Do we wait till we are in crisis or do we start in our own home and think of ways to conserve . Do we fix leaking pipes and water mains or we just wait till the sink hole forms and swallows a building ? Instead of expecting a large utility or city government to fix things why don't we look at home and be more locally responsible. It is nice to have large utilities but so much waste can be avoided. Additionally what are we putting into our water? Left over pharmaceuticals, herbicide runoff, giant agribusiness waste runoff and petrochemicals. How much can we push on our environment to absorb? At what point is the poisoning of the Earth irreversible? Small steps. Save water , use less chemicals , dispose of toxins properly at your central waste facility. Water is an incredible resource , vital for life , a gift. Please care for it wisely.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy in Montana : Destination Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake
This is a nice panoramic shot my son John took at Hidden Lake, obviously not so hidden if we found it. However you do cross the continental divide on the way up and are rewarded with a long range view. The blue of the waters below are particularly enticing. The trail down to the lake was closed due to bear activity. Another day perhaps .

For additional information on John's  wood artistry ,visit his web site!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy in Montana: Can't be serious all the time

My first October here we stopped at a convenience market for gas and a drink. On the door going in was advice that there would be no hunting in the store. Good times. Remember Hunting season is just around the corner.You never know when a good looking buck will be coming down the chip isle. Once again happy in Montana.

Happy in Montana: Do you hear the quiet?

Shallow ponds at the Continental divide
 It is said that a beautiful place nourishes the soul. Beauty also allows us to be more intuitive as it opens the psychic centers within us. All individuals are intuitive and psychic to some extent. Many have turned it off by spending too much time with electronics that are so common today. Ask yourself : Are you content to sit quietly on a mountain top ? or watching a sunset ? Can you leave the electronic world behind and walk gently on the Earth? Some of our planet have lost themselves to staring at a tiny screen and keypad missing life around them . See if you can devote part of your week with your devices off . Does the idea make you nervous?
Sunset over the Valley and the Wheat fields

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy in Montana: Too many critters in the yard

 A bit of a traffic jam this morning in the early light . The twin fawns were nibbling the grasses with their mother. Not too long after they came through , the turkeys were cruising. About 10 or so . It is hard to count a moving target.
 The baby turkeys have taken on their adult feathers and are no longer quite as cute as when they have their lighter brown fluffy feathers. They are destined to be somewhat ugly adults. The forest floor is alive with motion as they pick through the leaf litter.
Finally the crowd moves along and it is safe to go outside. Needless to say this was fun entertainment for the 4 dogs. Lots of whistling and wagging at the french doors as the wild life parade went by .