Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy in Montana: Do you hear the quiet?

Shallow ponds at the Continental divide
 It is said that a beautiful place nourishes the soul. Beauty also allows us to be more intuitive as it opens the psychic centers within us. All individuals are intuitive and psychic to some extent. Many have turned it off by spending too much time with electronics that are so common today. Ask yourself : Are you content to sit quietly on a mountain top ? or watching a sunset ? Can you leave the electronic world behind and walk gently on the Earth? Some of our planet have lost themselves to staring at a tiny screen and keypad missing life around them . See if you can devote part of your week with your devices off . Does the idea make you nervous?
Sunset over the Valley and the Wheat fields


  1. absolutely beautiful -
    excellent point made - technology is now redefining our culture and people can get antsy without constant stimuli, yet are overwhelmed by it. i was reading an article on addiction as it relates to this. like pavlov's dog, we get trained to crave the gratification of a 'like' or even the sound of the phones pinging from push notifications.
    give me the mountain, the beach - the sunset and peace.

  2. It is a challenge to turn off the phones and computers.That feeling we might miss something. I think it would be nice to have one day off from it all. Why don't we give that a go?


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