Monday, February 7, 2011

Amethyst Goodness !

Amethyst Goodness! Dramatic dangle earrings in Ametrine and Amethyst with daggers of white topaz . 3 inches long. Guarenteed to show off your gorgeous neck! Email if interested . These can also be made shorter if preferred. Sterling chain and wire.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sun is out ! Let's go Little Feet!

The sun is out ! It may not be a well known fact but there is no sun in NW Montana in the winter. You have dark , dark with snow, and grey with snow. The folks in the Eastern part of the state love to point this out. Since the sun poked it's face out we must go out! Below are the mountains to the north in blinding white snow cover.

Saucy and I head East up the Forest service road. The snow is sparkling in the sun and I am hoping the bears are good and asleep in their dens as we make our way through the snow.

It is a pleasure to see the sun reflected off the melting snow through the trees. We are slightly above freezing so the droplets make nice prisms everywhere. If you enlarge the picture below there is a wonderful orb with rainbow colours! what a treat!

Saucy is loving the walk. I had to leave the other two dogs in the yard as it is just too much to walk 3 dogs in the snow . Too slick, too many other dogs out and about and the occassional wildlife makes it a monumental feat to hang on to three. So Saucy is the lucky dog. Gus and Lucy are in the fenced yard a quarter mile away howling like wolves.

Brave Saucy Dog

Of course the snow demands winter chic. We have the cozy purple hat that is fur lined. Excellent for those 3 degree days when you are shoveling snow. Below is Saucy enjoying a roll in the snow. It does look like she is quite dead and I am dragging her . You will have to take my word for her continued good health. I can't help but wonder why they like to roll in the snow so much? Maybe trying to get that persistent cat smell off of them?

Finally after hiking a bit on the forest road we walked north on the logging road and past the barn. The horses are wondering where the grass went and most of all when the white stuff will go away. Snow has piled up on the side of the barn where it has slid off the roof ( over and over I might add. )

A very satisfying afternoon in the sun. We have put off cabin fever and insanity for yet another 24 hours . The dogs are now sleeping after their outing . That sounds pretty good to me.