Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy in Montana: summer days

the most coveted Marley
Summer days slowly winding down. Warm days and cool nights. Good swimming weather if you are a lucky dog. The North end of the lake is busy with boats and paddle boarders. Lots of families enjoying the nice warm waters. 
North End of Flathead Lake
 A sheltered cove where the Swan River enters the lake , the foothills are in the background behind Bigfork.
 Back at home the babies are growing quickly but still have their spots.
one of the twin fawns

Twins  snacking

Mother deer
 Mother deer watching for threats to her twins. She is ever vigilant.
proud bucks
A couple of bucks munching their way through the forest. They still have their fuzzy antlers and I have to say each time I see them I tell them to be careful . Hunting season is just around the corner.

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