Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Water World....

Everywhere you look you see the work of water, from the lush under story of the forest to the serene lakes

 McDonald Lake is full to the top but as serene as usual reflecting the blues of a perfect sky.
 Traveling up the Going to the Sun Road is a nice pull off with a pounding waterfall. It is Amazing how much volume is traveling down this creek today , you don't want to fall in.
 Crossing the creek  the harlequins are no where to be seen. A few weeks ago a really sweet pair was cruising the banks.
 Hug a tree! The western cedars are plentiful and gorgeous to behold . Below is the top of the tree.
 A beautiful giant along the Trail of the cedars.
 Avalanche Creek cuts through the bedrock forming a deep gorge. Just ahead the Avalanche Lake Trail beckons.
 Inviting waters, but a sure and quick end if you were to slip in . click to enlarge as the bubbles are fabulous!
 Lush green forest
 Bear Grass thank goodness without the bear.
 At the blow down a new view of the waterfalls dripping down the mountain face.
 A lot of trees came down at some point. we had several nights last winter that rattled the windows down in the valley . I would think at this elevation the wind could be quite fierce.
 Sweet yellow buttercups!
 Little feet enjoying the refreshing cold waters !
Good by to the Park ! Another great day of sun and water.

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