Monday, July 25, 2011


Mom and Bambi
One of the nice things about being in the country is the wild life. This little guy has tripled in size in the last couple of months. His mom keeps him close as he skitters about and leaps into the air for no apparent reason. It is nice to see them out at dawn and dusk . I know there are those who smack their lips when they see these graceful creatures. I have a hard time thinking of eating them. I think I will stick to beans for now .


  1. awww! you know, i always marvel at how young humans/animals act similarly... the playing, the joy... i raised a squirrel once and he did the same thing... it was really precious...

  2. This one is pretty cute. It is nice to see now and then. xx

  3. Very their habitat.

    The city I live in has a great deal of bush interspersed in and around and many people have taken to feeding deer, which I personally feel is something they shouldn't do, for a number of brings more deer into the built up areas and creates danger for both the deer and humans. The road I lived on previously has the lake on one side of the road and bush on the other, with houses on both sides of the road, feeding contributed to bringing many deer onto the busy road, feeding from home owners plants and gardens as well as trying to get the lake...I saw as many as 5 and 6 on the road at one time,generally at night. My son has seen fact one evening he hit a deer with his vehicle, it literally darted out from the side of the road. He wasn't going fast and he wasn't hurt, but the deer didn't survive...sad, but unavoidable!

    Have a great day...

  4. Heather you are right , it is a disaster to feed the deer . You can count on them jumping in front of you.They are trained from the moment of birth to scare drivers ! if you feed deer in this area you just attract the mountain lions and then it is hard to unload your car b/c you only have one hand. The other has the loaded gun hehe


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