Monday, August 1, 2011

Of Clouds and Thistles

 After a hot day in the 90s , clouds build in the East over the Foothills. Promising a light show soon, the Foothills seem to beckon the lightning . The attraction is irresistible.
 In the Evening light these wonderful white bells enjoy the last of the light focused on their magnificence.

 One of my favorites the thistle seems to represent life. Beautiful but often thorny . I will harvest the blooms and save them to feed the birds this winter. yea yea I know they are a weed.
sunset in the West with a gentle breeze scented with lavender and petunias. Yes I said petunias. They are hanging and the deer can't reach them . Imagine the frustration.


  1. who is to say what is a flower and what is a weed? i love thistle - and so do the birds... your world is calming and serene - perhaps the balance to all that is truly wild... like that mountain cat! glad you have some flowers you can keep all to yourself... and i can only imagine what a lavender scented breeze smells like... heavenly...

  2. I am growing some lavender and it is amazing how pungent the fresh flower is compared to the dried form I have purchased in stores. xx no cats yet . just deer who love to munch the flowers they can reach.

  3. The photos are wonderful!

    Who is to say what is pretty and what isn' is in the eye of the beholder/bird... :~)!


  4. Thanks Heather ! I love the thistle . the purple is wonderful, I might try for some pictures of the lavender growing down the road. ; )


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