Monday, August 2, 2010

On the road West ....

Lucy, Saucy and Gus

Tuesday night had us stranded at Exit 172 in the middle of nowhere South Dakota. Very well. The sunset was spectacular. The grasshoppers numerous. I finally went on to Rapid City to settle the 3 dogs and 3 cats for the night. I could only hope the nice man on the end of the phone would be able to fix the truck. At 2 AM I think my sons appeared tired but none the worse for the wear. A few hours of precious sleep.

Wednesday we planned to drive to South East MT to see my daughter. on the way we stopped in Sundance Wy where the boy's grandfather had pastored a small rural church. Connections.

Church of the GoodShepard

The boys! Nathaniel and Jason

The Bighorn Mountains in Wy

Kat and Marley

Wednesday afternoon we arrived to visit with my daughter and have a few hours of fitfull sleep. Yet another series of storms was sweeping down on Southeastern MT that night.The next day was sunny as we made our way down I90.......the Journey continues.


  1. i love the picturs! and the story...

  2. Beautiful country ! Wonderful photos. I've always enjoyed road trips, viewing scenery in places I've not traveled before.


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