Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abracadabra !!

McDonald Lake West Shore
 Abracadabra is a word often associated with magic tricks. Looking back at the Aramaic origins you see that the derivative words come from the word "ibra" which means as "I have created". The rest of the word comes from the aramaic word "k'dibra" which translates "through my speech". This may give you pause to think what have I created with my words?
Nature etchings
 As we pass through this world consider the impact of your thoughts and of your words. We are not simply billard balls bouncing off one another. We have purpose. As you consider the power of the spoken word and the intent behind it remember your creative power. Cherish your creative power and use it for the good.
Looking towards the Continental Divide , Garden Wall in the distant center


  1. thank you so very much for this... you always seem to expand my world - how lucky i am to have 'met' you...
    it is so interesting - for i am trying to be so mindful that each day presents myriad opportunities to spread love and kindness... and to take advantage of each one...

  2. Good morning my twin. The pleasure is all mine!

  3. What breath taking shots...

    What an interesting translation of the word Abracadabra...thank you for that!



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