Tuesday, March 2, 2010


"Those who can't remember the past are doomed to repeat it " ~ George Santayana ( 1863 - 1952)

No matter how I try, this time of year always imposes on my creative time. The chi is blocked till Uncle Sam has his due. Then perhaps the chi can flow once again like a beautiful river.


  1. You're back! :) I hear ya--just gotta get those taxes outta the way so you can enjoy the important things.

  2. I believe it...when I live in TN everyone missed work in spring time because they would get distracted by flowers and such on the way to work! I can understand so well... Have a great weekend!


  3. Hello Laura...hope all is well!!!

    I've been away for almost three weeks and I'm just getting back into my routine of visiting my friends!!!

    I look forward to your creativity returning...

  4. Such a beautiful photo. It does seem an unsettled time of year. Perhaps you're right and it's the taxes that are looming. At least spring is here at long last.


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