Sunday, October 3, 2010

Silent Sunday ..... A walk around Echo Lake

A burst of purple !

The Road Traveled

In pursuit of the Turkey flock

Texture as seen on a mushroom

Reflecting the perfection

Watercolors in the Foothills

A harvest of rosehips

A Burst of Yellow!

Weather and Time

Sun Dreaming on Water


Fae circle of Mushrooms

still pond with turkeys


  1. beautiful - each and every one... thank you for sharing glimpses into your world...

  2. Always a delight to have you visit my blog! wishing you were here to see it in person !

  3. What great spots...what always amazes me is each photo could be from a different location in the country and yet this is what you see on your walk around a lake...beautiful!!!

  4. Your camera has been busy capturing the last of fall flowers and the limited time before winter drapes herself across the landscape. The photos are lovely and refreshing like a breath of crisp, fresh mountain air.

  5. Oh, your shots are so beautiful! There is nothing more beautiful in the world than nature and your photos absolutely prove it. Thanks for sharing them.


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