Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Little Feet Adventure..... taking advantage of the Sun

Time to head out to Glacier Park . We are between snow storms and the roads are clear. Looking down from the bridge over the Middle Fork of the Flathead River towards the footpath that follows the river below. It is March 5th and a really nice sunny day!

Middle Fork in the western sun. Nothing prettier than sunlight playing on the water.

Driving up Apgar Road we have just about run out of room to stack the snow. 5 feet on either side as we cruise towards the Visitor center.

Below running up the Going to the Sun Road. Always a favorite in any season . The mountains almost look too pretty to be real.

More spectacular mountains peeking out between the trees. There is about 3 to 4 feet of snow along side the GTTSRoad.

MacDonald Lake is frozen as is the dock , standing on the end of the dock in the lake looking back to shore. ( hoping a frozen Loch Ness type creature doesn't jump out while I am taking the picture )

Looking out over the frozen lake by the dock. This is a lot of snow and we should have abundant snow melt later to feed the streams.

this is a nice map guide below that shows which mountains are where in the picture above. we have about 3 feet of snow here in front of the sign.

Below more frozen lake . Hard to get enough, such a wild and savage environment.

Walking back to the car, Apgar village and the visitor center ahead and lots of snow everywhere. I am silently hoping the car does not get stuck . Several people along the path were nice to offer to pull me out. Such kindness!

Enough fun for little feet today, they are bundled up in their snow boots from Eastern Europe and have been toasty all day despite the abundant snow. until next time....


  1. the photos are breathtaking, one after the next... to know that you are breathing that air, getting heady off of the beauty transports me for the moment... how nice to be able to experience your world just a little bit... thank you for always taking the time to journal this adventure...

  2. thanks MJ, I am a bit late posting , but my whole life is about a month behind! thanks for coming by.

  3. Gorgeous as always...I can't imagine ever tiring of the view! I know I enjoy the photos immensely...I imagine how breathtaking it must be to be there.

    We had a major thunderstorm just over a week ago melting about 3/4 of our snow banks which were between 3 and 5 ft in places...so nice to see most of it gone. The sun is warm but the wind is still biting cold...but spring is hear technically so the spring like weather won't be too far behind.


  4. So beautiful! Your photos are gorgeous.


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