Friday, January 20, 2012

Are you giving your spirit a good Journey?

Recently some one asked this question." Are you giving your spirit a good Journey?" What does this involve?
Are you sowing peace and positive thoughts? Or do you invest your energy in fear ? Are you creative with your energy? Or do you waste your day with worry and fretting over things that are beyond our sphere of influence? Sometimes we get too busy with the 'must do' list and forget what our purpose is today. We need to stop in a peaceful space and ask ourselves " What is our mission? Is our spirit at peace? If we are just reacting to life how do we become proactive and exert a positive influence on others who share our space?
How is your spiritual journey today?


  1. this is wonderful - thank you.. and it is so funny how i was just reading something by einstein today - will send it to you... happy friday!

  2. thanks I look forward to reading it. I love Einstein !! xx

  3. I've been thinking a great deal about this for a long time, I didn't always...I enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting this reminder!


  4. We become very distracted by our daily obligations that some times we do forget who we are and why we are presently here. Thanks for stopping by ladies.


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