Sunday, March 25, 2012

Watching the snow melt....

 Checking out the road. Watching the snow melt. Although it is March 24th , here in the snow belt there is still some snow laying in the neighborhood. Hopefully with a couple of sunny days things will dry out a bit.
 The last foot . Not me, the snow. Waiting patiently for the sun to deal with the last 12 inches.
 Snow covered Foothill Mountains peak through the trees.Once that larch greens out they will be more hidden. It was 50 degrees today. There is a nasty rumor that I live in an ice shelter year round. I have to set the record straight. It was so warm today one did not need a jacket whilst shoveling the snow. ( And the ice shelter is melting quickly)
My cute spruce hanging out in the woods. At some point we will see the ground again. Going back outside to watch the snow melt.

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