Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Night

Whitefish at Dusk
 Saturday Night and a quick visit to the McKenzie River Pizza for a pie to go. Since Whitefish is a ski town the decorations are still up creating a dusky festive atmosphere downtown.
Great Northern Railroad
 Whitefish is also conveniently connected to amtrak and served by BNSF. One of the historic train engines sit outside the station . The station itself has a nice museum and features a Stuffed Mountain Goat. The Flathead Valley is fairly large with several different communities with different flavors. Whitefish has a nice small town feel to it with some great skiing near by .
Black Star Sunset
 We were blessed with clear skies again tonight with longer daylight hours. The sun blazes a good bye over the Black Star Brewery . They make some local brews and have a  place for lunch with spectacular views of the ski mountain.
Remaining Vestiges of the Holidays
So many trees decorated this year around town that I was exempted this year from the chore at home . The train station is in the background on the left of the tree . It has a nice Swiss look to it . Dusk is one of my favorite times mostly because that is what I get to see more than not but the sky takes on a life of it's own with deepening blues and painted fire colours.
Whitefish Mountain formally named Big Mountain for decades
A good nite to Whitefish for now . Pie in hand I turn the car toward the eastern mountains where I know of 4 dogs waiting for their slice . I know, they are  very spoiled puppies.

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  1. loveley photos...looks very busy on a Saturday evening, Whitefish Mountain is very statuesque! ...hope you and the puppies enjoyed the pie! lol


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