Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bigger Heads : Happy in Montana

The causeway
A quick jaunt to the lake . Sunset is not too far off. It is said that living in a cold climate or high latitude causes the brain to work harder for survival . It makes you a bit more clever as your life does depend upon your ingenuity with the changing seasons. Shelter , food , clothing all need to be more proactive and prepared for versus hanging on the tropical beach. There is actually quite a bit of interesting research on this from adaptive skills to cranial and brain size. What kind of person goes around measuring brain sizes  ?
Foot path through the marsh
So a trip to Echo an hour before sunset .  I was looking for the Otters. The lake is quite frozen except for a small patch of open water up at the northern end of the marsh where the foot path winds across a culvert . I would suppose they are hanging out there now instead of down by the main Causeway.
Frozen Echo Lake and the Swans
 Below is a perfect Mouse House in the form of an old stump . It looks like the kind of house that some little critter would like  to have as home base.
A mouse house 

Pete's Ridge in the setting sun light 
 As we take a walk along the lake the sun starts to set lighting the surrounding peaks with some rosy twilight colors.
Heading home 
 After our hike we head back to the car and up the road to the house . The Swan Mountains are glowing . Sunset is an especially nice time here in the Northern latitudes. There are a few moments each day when the sky transforms to magic .
Jewel Basin
Goodnight for now to the Jewel Basin. Aptly named for it's gorgeous peaks and views.

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