Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Textures: Tactile adventures for the eyes in the big empty

North Eastern WY


The Swan

Waterfowl production area 

Hissing reeds 

Souther Swan Lake Marsh area 

Northern  Swan Lake 

Northern Swan Lake looking to the south to the waterfowl areas 

A quick journey to Wyoming. Twelve hours of driving from North West Montana to North East Wyoming. A drive through the Big Empty. I like to drive the "back way" . Of course most people would find I 90 to be the back way compared to many highways in the US . However there is a more quiet byway from my cozy cabin to Billings. North East WY is quite the place to contemplate life. Just you and the antelope and the empty highway. No signs other than the blizzard gates that warn to go back to the last exit if closed. Lucky for me it has been warm and no blizzard in site although they had 5 inches of snow a week before .

Coming home through the Swan , I stop at the waterfowl production area . You have to imagine the wind blowing through a millions wetland reeds. A soft 'hissing ' sound in addition to the sound of the wind. The south end of the lake is a vast wetland . For some reason these environments fascinate me. It is the domain of the water bird. Humans can not walk through these areas. The ducks and geese are protected by the marshes. The colors are vivid even in the subdued light of early evening. I am grateful for a safe journey and being so close to home. The day has been full of textures for the eyes , beauty beyond description in the big empty.


  1. I love your image of the Hissing Reeds in the Big Empty!

  2. The sounds were amazing in the wetlands with the wind blowing . There was the sound of the wind but the grasses were making their own music , quite lovely.


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