Saturday, February 14, 2015

Swan Saturday

I was lucky enough to chance upon a pair of swans this Valentine's day . the smaller birds are canada geese . The birds were resting about a quarter mile off the shore in a thawed area on the lake. I never tire of the beautiful sounds the water fowl make calling to each other.


  1. Was that pic on your phone? I like how blue it is. So often the wintry landscapes up there almost look black and white with the high contrast the snow produces, so the blue is fairly striking.

    1. I did take this one with my phone while out doing errands. During the later afternoon there is quite the play of light and colors on the landscape. The iPhone takes good pictures but I find it hard to hold still . So I still rely on my camera a lot . I like the blues as well , the contrast between the mountains and lakes is striking


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