Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Glance Back

A glance back in time to visit with an old friend. Welcoming canopies of tender green. The sound of tumbling waters and the distant woodpecker . Treading the path well known. Time well spent with an old friend .

Wild Geranium

Devil's Dip and sleeping whale rocks

Indian Creek's last descent

A late Trillium

Tom Branch Falls

Fanciful Fungi

Delicate ferns with River Birch


Wild Flame Azalea

A place for tranquil footfalls

Indian Creek immerses herself into Deep Creek


  1. i had been feeling very tense when i arrived on your blog... but these pictures - of tranquility, of timelessness, of light and shadow, running water, freshness and decay - put me into a very calm place... thank you for reconnecting me with the knowledge of being only one small part of something very big...hope you had a wonderful day -

  2. This walk was for you. I wanted to capture some serenity . It always makes me feel so connected when I walk up to the junction of the two creeks. I hope you can make the hike in person someday ; )

  3. Just beautiful...there are some things we should take the time to glance back at, these are just a few of them!!!


  4. What beautiful photos and the woods remind me of ours here. What wonderful places to visit to hear your thoughts and hear nature.


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