Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A new phenomenae .......

Driving to work it had stopped snowing for a bit , safe to go out Eh? Not so quickly . I discovered a new phenomenae as I approached the last 90 degree turn in the road.  The above picture is a tree blizzard . This is snow that was very happy to lay on the trees whipped up by the wind into a cloud that can pretty much obscure anything.

If you look closely you can see some interesting swirling patterns of snow taking flight from the building roof on the left side of the road. Prior to moving here I only recall this kind of thing at the peaks of K2 in those interesting National Geographic specials . hmmmm at any rate the Tree Blizzard can render your visibility to zero so it is prudent to drive slowly ; )       


  1. What beautiful pictures! I think we might be having a tree blizzard here today with the high winds. Nature is always so spectacular.

  2. you are certainly 'living and learning' - i am glad that you always have your trusty camera at your side (don't forget to bring that in!) ... hope the block heater is working...

  3. Looks cold but I'm sure it lends atmosphere to the season's festivities. Since I've always been in a warm climate I've always longed for a snowy white Christmas. I know, LOL, it's never going to happen down here in Florida.:D

  4. My previous home was near the end of a 2 mile long road...lakeside...we on occasion had complete white outs for short distances due to a combination of Tree Blizzards and the wind gust off the lake!!! So while there is a mysterious aspect I understand how dangerous they can be.

    Great photos...


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