Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stepping into Narnia.....

The road into the National forest. Lions and tigers and bears!

The road to town. Waiting for the snow plow to buzz by and clear the new snow .

I suppose there are a few of you that are familiar with C.S. Lewis and the Narnia Chronicles. A wonderful story of four children who  discover a portal into another time . They step through a wardrobe while playing a game of hide and seek and  find themselves in a snowy wasteland of evergreens and silence. I think perhaps I have stepped into Narnia......There has been snow of some amount for the last 16 days. It is silent and magical outside. Occassionally the sound of a bird nearby and since it warmed to a balmy 33 degrees we now have the drip drip of snow melt.

Aspen branches heavy with their frosting .

As the snow continues to fall the husky house quietly disappears.


  1. How beautiful it looks...I can understand the magical feeling of being in another dimension!


  2. so incredible to think it is like this already... thank goodness you are a very sane and balanced woman - what do people do during the winter?
    it is narnian - are there any lampposts?

  3. I believe I did see a lamp post in the distance. Funny the regular road doesn't look a whole lot better than the forest service road. hahaha people here are nuts they are out in all the weather, hiking , sledding , stalking bambi , no one stays in . Snow shoes would be good at this point. xxx we are running short on places to stack the snow . hmmm


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