Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. stunning, but at the same time, i don't have to drive in it or shovel it... you are a brave, adventuresome woman laura - one of the ones who would have been a pioneer... you just have that spirit...

  2. Thanks MJ , we will pretend I am that brave. So far the driving hasn't been bad. A nice layer of powder works pretty well on the ice, and to go slow . My car has awesome heat, much better than a wagon of olden days. Just be sure to take the survival pack !

  3. The photos don't require words...they speak for themselves...gorgeous to look at!

    But...I have to say while I think it looks beautiful I've had about enough of winter and we haven't had any here yet! :0) I know I'm whining but I've lived in northern Ontario all my life and the older I get the less I enjoy winter...I look forward to my time in the south! I used to tease my mother when she spoke like I just did...I would tell her to stop I sound just like her??? lol
    Enjoy your day Laura regardless of what it is doing outside or possibly because of what it is doing outside! I know you is in your nature...



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