Monday, June 13, 2011

Jewel Basin

A nice sunday to drive to Jewel Basin. Last summer they were repairing the road and it was closed to the general public. Now the road is good. Good being relative. A nice gravel road twisting up into the mountains.

The first part of the road has several farms and houses. A nice new fence graces the curve in the road. There is something about a well built fence.

Carry on up the narrow road squeezed by open areas in the forest after logging. A riot of wild flowers carpet the floor of the forest.

Now and then you dip and there is a marshy spot with water plants . The water is slow but clear as new snow melt.

Close by the road snow melt races towards the larger lakes and rivers.

The green fertile valleys would please any grazing deer or elk.

A great day for a drive ! Nice road and lots of solitude. If you don't count the deer, bird song ,  and the rippling brooks.


  1. Your photos are must be such a feeling of peace to drive in this area...the beautiful sights and sounds would be calming I'm sure!

  2. Thank you Heather. I need to give you and MJ some kudos for being regulars stopping by the blog! The area was quite wild and isolated.It is on the West side of a rather large state and National forest area. I was hoping no bear. Just deer this time.


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