Sunday, June 12, 2011

Snow melt

Echo Lake fills to the brim

Surreal clouds in the mineral rich waters

The Marsh is full with snow melt , just a couple of months ago this was wavy golden grasses.

Wild strawberries and Yellow arnica

The motley crew, home again.


  1. so very very beautiful - and i love your motley crew awaiting their mama!

  2. They are so bad up at 5 AM , that is really early!

  3. Gorgeous shots...a view like yours is worth a million! The water is very high...hopefully there isn't any chance of flooding?

    Your fellows look so cute watching for you...just remember how cute they are at 5:30am! :~)
    I have to agree with you 5:30am is really really early! My daughter and I do a Market in July & August for which I get up around 4:15am as she picks me up around 5:15am...I love doing the Market so it doesn't feel too bad! :~)

  4. Heather you are a trooper to get up so early to sell! Yes the bats were out this morning eeek! MJ these guys are about the only ones that will have me at this point in my life. I haven't told them I am old yet. ; )


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