Sunday, September 18, 2011

A journey of the Heart

Mission Falls near St. Ignatious MT
A journey of the heart today. I dropped one of my kids off in Missoula so he could continue his journey to visit some old friends. It is amazing the speed of time.It can catch you  in the middle with fond recollections and regrets of lost time spent pursuing the necessary work a day schedule . Where on earth did that tow headed toddler go?

Well to soothe the soul on the drive back north in the Mission Valley I took a side road through Saint Ignatious. I had spotted the Mission Falls as I was driving on the highway north and wanted a closer look. The Mission Falls are in the Mission Mountains Tribal Wilderness Area. This is a 92000 acre protected wilderness that was formed in 1982 through the cooperation of the Salish-Kootenai Tribe. Elevations range from 4000 to 10000 feet through out the range. The falls are surrounded by Kakashe MT ( 8575 feet) , Lowary PK 9969 FT, and Mountaineer PK 9261 feet. The Mission Falls begin about 5000 ft and drop 1000 feet to the valley floor. I have included a topo map of the area ( as I love maps !) and you can see how steep the mountain sides are next to the falls. Carved from glaciers this cirque bowl is home to a beautiful waterfall and many high mountain pristine alpine lakes.  Once more the beauty of nature takes the edge off the bittersweet of life. A treatment worth the time. Now to plan a return trip with camping in mind.  


  1. What a beautiful area to be driving through and I am sure it is just what you needed after you dropped off your pride and joy. I love solitary quiet drives. Thank you for visiting us. xx

  2. always so beautiful...
    so sorry that your visit came to an end... xo

  3. Thanks ladies. It is one of the most astounding sites but since it is temperature sensitive you don't always see the Falls flowing ( could they be frozen) yes!

  4. Such a beautiful live and are within close proximity of such breath taking sights!

    A wonderful diversion such as this can help when contemplating the passing of time...



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