Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunrise over the Northern Rockies

sunrise in the Rockies

clouds pouring through the V


  1. there really is nothing like big sky - whether over the ocean, or over the mountains... it is just so awe inspiring... you have become quite the photographer... perhaps you will begin selling prints on etsy?! you know, in your free time... :0)

  2. I am still looking for the free time but perhaps it is just around the corner eh? Thank you my friend for the encouragement.

  3. I to have a fascination with the sky...for me it has been over water most of my life! I'm missing it since I moved...

    I do agree with mairedodd...your photography skills are wonderful, I'm sure there are many who would be willing to purchase prints.

    In your spare time that is... :~)

  4. Oh Heather you are so funny! You know it is so gorgeous here you just have to point and shoot. I can't take much credit for the magnificence of nature!


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