Sunday, October 23, 2011

Silent Sunday.... Home on the Range

Buffalo on Blackfeet Lands

High plains of the Eastern Rocky Front


  1. thank you as always for sharing your world... as we talk about all of those things that i relate to, this is something i have never seen in person... and it truly takes my breath away... my great grandfather's name was lewis clark davidson - he was born in colorado... there is wandering/exploring blood in my family... your pictures call to me...

  2. The buffalo is an awe inspiring animal from any distance. When I see them on the plains I think of all the Native civilizations that have been in this area. A link below for some thoughtful words.

  3. Words truly aren't necessary...I'm always impressed with your landscape. It is a place I would like to visit in my life time!

    To see a herd of of buffalo in their own environment would be amazing!!! Yes, they do make me think the Native people who lived in that area!

    Your photos never cease to amaze and inspire me...I know when I stop by I'm going to see something awesome!

  4. Thank you Heather. They are such large animals that it is almost surreal to see them out grazing. It is quite beautiful here but one does have to be prepared for winter which is somewhat long. Some people do not do well with this. It is not for the faint of heart. have a great week!


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