Monday, October 31, 2011

On the way home....

 Driving home the sun was setting just so with the golden yellow melting in between the dramatic rain/snow clouds. The fields were like honey with snow showers a few thousand feet above them. Around the bend my favorite stand of Aspen. Quiet sentinels in the brisk air promising more winter than fall.
 The beauty of the area is almost unbelievable. Sometimes I feel like I am in a painting. Sometimes the lighting in just perfect . Of course reality knocks and you have to dodge a turkey or deer. So on the Hallow's Eve all is quiet. The animals are laying low. Just a turkey or two.
 Closer to home the familiar mountains soaking the last few rays of the day. On the summit we already have some snow lying at 6000 to 7000 feet. As I stand taking this picture the rain is mixed with fat snow. Transient but a promise to keep as we move towards winter. The Western Larch have turned golden yellow this week and dot the higher elevations with their regal branches. Already I long for their baby green in spring.
Cozy Foothills

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