Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday Harvest

Pumpkins waiting for a good home at Sweet Pickin's
 Saturday pumpkin run to the Sweet Pickin's pumpkin patch . On the hunt for some straw, pumpkins  and kettlecorn. The snow is on the Foothills to the East and coming down the mountains. Some wonderful pumpkins and other squash family members in a riotous collection which would make any farmer proud. The folks were very friendly and lots of fun rides for the kids. Tractors pulling trains made out of 50 gallon drum barrels painted with bright colours. An afternoon of sun reviving the spirit. Beauty and abundance are all around us. With gratitude we move through the weekend.

Snow on the Foothills

Pumpkins ( orange and white)  and winter squash

Nothing better than sun, screaming kids and a lot of pumpkins!

the deciduous trees are turning yellow but we are still waiting for the Tamaracks to turn



  1. beautiful! i haven't made it to the pumpkin patch yet... but we will get there... and the snow - it gives me shivers just watching it creep closer to you...

  2. Funny from this perspective you can see why we have so much snow in the winter. The clouds bump up against the foothills and cheerfully drop their moisture. Well we will see what this winter brings. ; )

  3. Such wonderful photos. With the hilltops dusted in snow I'd guess that there was perhaps some frost on the pumpkins. Just wish Autumn could be a bit longer and Winter a bit shorter. :)

  4. I would love a longer fall too but it has been pretty good this year. The trees are bright yellow and so far no snow in the valley , just above 6000 feet.


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