Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cellular Memory

Familiar cows on the way home
Snow finally made it to the Valley floor last night. A reluctant rain shower that started late about 9 PM and turned to wet snow. Enough to decorate the evergreens but not enough to complicate the roads and driving. The low clouds obscured the Foothills.I set out for an early morning visit to the vet to fluff and puff the dogs for their yearly check up . Later while out in the yard finishing the "warm weather " chores I heard geese coming from the north.The sky was still thick with clouds so it was a while before the familiar V formation came into view. Several stragglers were calling out and catching up to the main flock. There is something in my cellular memory that gives me literally goose skin when I hear their call. There is so much purpose to their communications. So much purpose to their lives as they strive to become part of the formation flying south.  Quiet day ahead with bringing in the herb garden . We expect 15 degrees so I don't think the herbs would do well from here on out. For now a pot of chai tea to warm the bones.
start of the winter wood stack


  1. Hey Mom, I started a blog myself. I plan on showing furniture etc. so check it out every now and then.

  2. You gave me chills when talking about the geese as just last week at my grandson's football game we saw a geese formation and commented on the few stragglers best hurry if they wanted to follow the group!!! The flight of the geese never fails to amaze me...when I lived on Lake Nipissing for twenty years we had geese visit on the sand bars that emerged when the lake was drawn down in the fall...they would stay for a few weeks and then one day be gone, only to come back the same time the next year!

    Our weather here has been unusually warm...I will enjoy it while I can.

  3. I love the geese. I saw three groups flying south this morning on the way to work. They are so intent and have such purpose in their flying. It totally amazes me!


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