Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Sunrise on the saddle
Sunrise on the saddle above the house this morning .Recently I have been going to work early so I have missed the sunrise that occurs about 8 AM. I love the snow pack and the subtle pinks as the sun peeks over the mountains. I am on a mission this morning to go to the trash area. I could get trash pick up but that is an additional charge. So every now and then I make the trek to the green cans.
Sunrise over the Foothills
Driving down the road by the state hatchery. The sun is rising over the Foothills. A welcome site as we have
had days of cloudy weather. We had a cold stretch for two weeks then today it was 50 degrees. The snow melted , the ice disappeared.  With the snow gone you can see the good earth. The wonderful loam is one of the things I am grateful for. I finished planting my last tree tonight. I am really thankful to be done with the year's planting projects.

After leaving the green cans I took a back road to work. As I drove through the wheat fields there were geese flying towards me. These geese were leisurely flying this morning looking for a place to put down.
In flight
They flew closer and their honking filled the morning air. The geese are so strong and so full of purpose. I
can't imagine their brains are very big however they get a lot of bang for the buck.

The geese carry on towards the sunrise. I am grateful for a slow drive to work this morning. Additionally I am grateful for my long term friends, close family ,and my healthy children as well as their children. A full life . A good morning with geese honking in the distance.


  1. oh MJ , you are too kind! Aren't the geese neat!

  2. Gorgeous shots...isn't the weather so very unusual? I know ours certainly is...

    Gotta be grateful for the geese :~) I was thinking of you this week as I past the location where my grandson played football...and lo and behold there was a large flock of geese lazing on the grass...these fellows are very late leaving? Must be all our warm weather we are having.

    There is so much to be grateful for...



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