Sunday, May 6, 2012

You never know. . . .

 Yesterday in time for Cinco de Mayo we had 2 inches of snow. The day started rainy and turned to a snow shower for 4 hours in the late afternoon. So I am thinking winter has returned. But today made up for any wintery transgressions and is sunny and 59 . A veritable heat wave . You know it snows somewhere in Montana every day of the year. Yesterday was our turn. Today the baby Aspen leaves leaned heavily into the sunshine. Have you said 'hello' to the sun today?


  1. oh, my goodness...
    we have had rain which we needed desperately... but missed the 'super moon' due to cloud cover... guessing you didn't see it either!

    1. I missed the official "super moon" that night but last night it was still out and we had a nice clear night. Very pretty seeing it set at 5:45 AM as the Dawn approached.

  2. I absolutely love snow so I love that photo!


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