Sunday, May 27, 2012

Abundant water spirit

Bleeding hearts in the rain.
Today the water spirit was abundantly present from the rain on the Bleeding hearts to the deep blue Lobelia drinking up the offering from the sky. Recently we have had plenty of rain and we are grateful.
Super Blue Lobelia

The Flathead River
Today's wanderings included a nice nursery in CF and a trip to the Flathead River as it exits Bad Rock Canyon. The river has so much energy . As you stand on the banks one can feel the power in the water as it rushes past. Across the river water comes under the train bed and pours in to the confluence.
Even with so much flow one can still see the glacial green in water that is carried out of the park.

In the woods by the river wild flowers bloom. There are scents of woodsy earth and evergreens.

The clouds hang low over the Northern end of the Swan Range just at the entrance of the canyon.

water from an overflowing waterfall and spring along the canyon highway. A sign says it is not an approved water source for drinking . Looking at the water spirit's gift I would say it beats the Cumberland anyday.

Looking up river as the Flathead arrives on the west side of the canyon .     is a link to a fall picture taken by Steve Brown  on flickr  photo share during fall . The BNSF frieght train is traveling west. A  very nice shot on a clear blue day with the train coming along above the Flathead River.

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