Saturday, June 2, 2012

Evening Walk

 Time for an evening walk with the most coveted Marley. So I see my neighbor and introduce
the most coveted Marley. She says" so you have 4 dogs now?" I say " No still three dogs and
Marley . He is a person too." And yes that is snow on the Foot Hills. But it is at 6000 feet and I am
safely at 3000 without.
 So Marley and I travel on down the road and enjoy the wild flowers. It is a challenge to take a picture with
his leash tugging at my belt loop. However I do persevere.
 We see some nice new growth on the conifers and a dragonfly resting in the sun. It could be it is thawing from the long winter of gray.
 A half mile down the road we find the happy snow melt creek that feeds Echo Lake several miles south of here. The water is milky from all the minerals as it comes off the six to seven thousand foot peaks.
 The coveted Marley checking out the conifers. He enjoys walks and is good company. Some day
I will be returning him to his real home. So we will make hay while the sun shines so to speak.
 Nice purple flowers and baby green on the evergreens light up the evening.
Another perfect evening . Sun is setting and the world is glowing  golden for just a bit.


  1. so very very beautiful...
    i love the soft bright green on conifers... and that water is so great - thanks for explaining why it is milky!

  2. the baby green is everywhere. It has rained for weeks and it very verdant at the moment.


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