Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snow Half way Down

 Monday was beautiful. Tuesday was a scene out of the movie Blade Runner.
Constant rain that took no breaks. Then today more of the same but with the
added benefit of snow half way down the mountain. The valley is at 3000 feet
and the mountains are 6000 to 7000 feet. So you can do the math.
 Mountain view as we turn into the driveway.
The nice thing is that here in the valley the iris are happily blooming . They
survived the rainfall and are celebrating spring.


  1. It seems strange to think about, let alone see, snow fall at this time of year.
    Lovely photo of the iris - they are one of my favorite flowers, just wish their blooms lasted longer.

    The rain down south in Florida was atrocious this morning - thunder roiling through the dark, clouds and torrential downpours. 5 inches fell in just about an hour or two.

  2. I saw the national weather and yes Florida was definitely nailed with the storms. My roomate and good friend from college lives near Tampa so I keep an eye on the lightning capital.

  3. It does seem strange to see snow that far down the mountain at this time of the year! We've had some rain up here in the past week but nothing fact we really needed the rain as we've been without it for so long we've had serious forest fires in northern Ontario...even a couple of very small ones around this area.

    Beautiful iris the rain drops!



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